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VIVID Women’s Network

VIVID - Vision, Innovation, Vitality, Integrity, Dynamic

What is VIVID Women's Network?

The VIVID Women's Network is a program within the Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce dedicated to fostering a clear VISION for success, encouraging INNOVATION in business endeavors, and promoting VITALITY and work-life balance with INTEGRITY while embracing DYNAMIC strategies for leadership and growth.


Our vision is to create a vibrant network that fosters growth, innovation and collective success among women in business.

VIVID Women's Network Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce - Cowo & Creche, Alexandria Virginia

When Do We Meet?

As the VIVID Women's Program is in its early stages, we currently do not have regularly scheduled meetings. This flexible structure allows us to tailor our program and events to best suit the needs and interests of our members. As we continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to establishing more regular events and opportunities for engagement.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are actively seeking passionate and dedicated individuals to join our committee. Your involvement would play a vital role in shaping the future of the VIVID Women's Program, from program development to event planning. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in contributing your talents, insights, and enthusiasm to this empowering initiative. Participating in VIVID events, is as simple as being a member of the Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce.

What's Next?

Our inaugural event, the EmpowerHer Brunch in Alexandria, Virginia was a resounding success, setting a high bar for what's to come. We are thrilled to announce our next event, which will be held virtually. This educational and discussion series, led by Shia Taylor, promises to be an enlightening experience, covering topics relevant to today's women entrepreneurs and leaders.

To learn more about the VIVID Women's Program or to register for our upcoming virtual event, please click below. This is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and contribute to a thriving community of women in business.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together, forging paths to success, empowerment, and collective achievement. Welcome to the VIVID Women's Program – where your vision, innovation, value, identity, and determination shine bright.

Empowerment and Networking Opportunities

Discover the range of empowerment sessions and networking events, including the upcoming virtual discussion series with Shia Taylor; designed specifically for women entrepreneurs and leaders. Learn how these opportunities can help you expand your professional network, foster meaningful connections, and propel your business forward.

Educational Workshops and Series

Explore our curated selection of educational workshops and series led by industry experts and gain insights into the latest trends, resources, strategies, and tools that can enhance your business acumen and leadership skills.


Membership Benefits and How to Join

Learn about the exclusive benefits of joining the Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce, which includes access to the VIVID Women's Program,  members-only events, resources, and a supportive community. Find out how you can become a part of this empowering initiative and contribute to its growth and success.

earn more about the eligibility criteria, membership tiers, and application process to become a part of this vibrant community dedicated to the success of women entrepreneurs and leaders.


Volunteer and Committee Involvement

Your expertise, passion, and vision can significantly contribute to the growth and impact of the VIVID Women's Program. By volunteering or joining our committee, you have a unique opportunity to shape the future of this initiative. Whether through program development, event planning, community outreach, or mentorship, your involvement can make a lasting difference.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals committed to creating an inclusive, empowering platform for women in business. Learn more about the various available roles, the skills we seek, and how your contribution can help foster a thriving ecosystem of women leaders and entrepreneurs. Join us in this rewarding journey to uplift and inspire women across the business landscape.

VIVID Women's Network Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce
VIVID Women's Network Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce Quinn Conyers
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