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About Us

Welcome to the Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce (VABCC), a beacon of empowerment and economic prosperity for businesses across Virginia. Founded by Ernisha Hall and Tracey Hall, the VABCC was officially established as a Chamber in August 2023. Our founders, driven by their passion for entrepreneurship and community development, envisioned an organization serving as an advocate and resource for businesses. Today, the VABCC is a testament to that vision, fostering a sustainable business ecosystem that nurtures growth, champions innovation and creates opportunities for black businesses to flourish.

Our mission at VABCC is to ensure the economic prosperity and sustainability of Virginia's vibrant small business community. We are steadfastly committed to advancing business development through leadership, advocacy, and a commitment to serving our members.

In addition to our chamber activities, we proudly present the Virginia Black Business Directory, founded in January 2020. This extensive directory is a comprehensive resource for finding black-owned businesses across various industries in Virginia. It represents the diversity, resilience, and innovative spirit of our business community.

We invite you to join us as we continue uplifting and empowering entrepreneurs. We can create a prosperous future for all where business and community unite.

The Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce - Where Business and Community Unite!

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