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The Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce's Government Affairs and Economic Development Committee is a vital force, comprising passionate community leaders and advocates who bridge the gap between black-owned businesses and policy. This committee diligently works to monitor and influence policy decisions that impact the economic environment in which our members operate. By engaging in advocacy efforts, they ensure the interests of black entrepreneurs are represented at all levels of government.  Their proactive approach in fostering partnerships, facilitating access to economic resources, and advocating for equitable business practices makes them a cornerstone in building a more inclusive and prosperous business landscape for our members.

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Lawrence McCarren

InGenious Gin


Dominic Speller

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Noah Salaah ad-Deen

Virginia Tourism Corporation

Delegate Joshua Cole

Committee Advisor


The Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce Finance & Grant Committee, a dynamic team of community volunteers and business leaders, plays a pivotal role in fostering the financial well-being of the Chamber and its members. Tasked with managing the chamber micro-grants, developing program budgets, and forging partnerships with funding sources, this committee is instrumental in providing access to crucial financial resources. Their dedication not only upholds the Chamber's financial integrity but also empowers a thriving ecosystem of black-owned businesses.

Shia Taylor

Shia Taylor

Harmony Consulting Services

Danielle Fisher

Danielle Fisher

Creations by Jimmy's Daughter, LLC

Rev Dr Eileen Marie Blair

Eileen Blair

E Pearl Chester Foundation

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